LC receives largest gift in school history from alumnus family

[img_assist|nid=8047|title=Memorable Gift|desc=Louisiana College’s Randall Hargis, Vice President for Business Affairs, and Luana Cunningham, Director of Alumni and Foundation Relations, hold a $2.5 million check from the Carl and Helen Vogel Trust. It is the largest financial gift in LC history. Photo by Al Quartemont.|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=427]By Kelly Boggs, Baptist Message Editor

PINEVILLE – Louisiana College announced April 5 at a news conference held on its campus that it has received the largest single gift in the history of the school. 

The Carl and Helen Vogel Trust totals approximately $2.5 million and has been donated to LC as an unrestricted endowment.

Carl Vogel, a 1931 graduate of LC, was a postman who, along with his wife, for years bought savings bonds. The couple had no children and left all they had to LC.

Joe Aguillard, president of LC, shared how Carl Vogel telephoned him seven years ago, shortly after Aguillard had been named president.

“After about 90 minutes of answering questions about the state of the college and our endowments, he [Vogel] turned the conversation to the great days he experienced at Louisiana College,” Aguillard said. “He talked about how LC had changed his life forever and how as long as the college remained biblically true, he wanted to give back to the college … for what it had given to him.”

Aguillard also related a story that he described as “a miracle.” The anecdote not only illustrated the providence of God, but also the generosity of Vogel.

It was in the spring of 2006 and LC had an opportunity to book former President George H.W. Bush to speak during the celebration of the college’s 100 year anniversary.

The only catch was the appearance fee for the former president was $100,000.

Aguillard decided to step out on faith and invite Bush to attend even though the appearance fee was not something the school had on hand.

“Some people call that stupid,” Aguillard said. “I call it faith.” A few days later, Aguillard received a call from Carl Vogel.

Aguillard said they spoke for a while and then he shared that Vogel said, “The real reason I called is I found a couple of bonds that have matured. I was praying and had a sense you have a real need right now and I want you to have these bonds.”  Aguillard added, “The amount of the two bonds was exactly $100,000.”  

“The $2.5 million is the largest single one-time gift to be given to Louisiana College in its 106-year history,” Aguillard said. He said the college cannot use the principal amount of the $2.5 million endowment, but can use the proceeds from investing the money for any of LC’s needs.

Aguillard shared, “In the last three and one half years, Louisiana College has received over $13 million in gifts from alumni and friends of the college.”

He also said that in the last five years the college’s growth has been “exponential” with an 89 percent in student enrollment and an “operational budget” increase of 70 percent.