Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd will be among the denominational leaders on the schedule for an upcoming prayer gathering Oct. 30 at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, talks to Jack Hunter, executive director of missions of the New Orleans Baptist Association, during the recent ‘Challenges to Religious Liberty” conference at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
Disaster Relief has sent 51 volunteers to storm ravaged Monroe to help with clean up in the city which was hit by an EF2 tornado.
Students lift their hands up to heaven during a time of worship at last year’s Youth Evangelism Celebration which was held in the Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria and drew a record crowd of 7,942. Due to renovations on the Coliseum, YEC is relocating to the 12,000-seat Cajundome in Lafayette for the next two years.

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

NEW ORLEANS – Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd will be among the denominational leaders on the schedule for an upcoming prayer gathering later this month at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Scheduled for Oct. 30, the Prayer Summit for Spiritual Awakening will begin at 11 am during the seminary’s regularly scheduled service at Leavell Chapel. During that time, Floyd will lead the students, faculty and others in attendance in a focused time of prayer for revival and spiritual awakening.

By Marilyn Stewart, Regional Reporter

NEW ORLEANS – A sobering call to defend religious liberty for all was issued by Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, at the recent “Challenges to Religious Liberty” event at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The Gospel is at stake, Moore said.

“Religious liberty matters ultimately because religious liberty is not simply a political issue, religious liberty is not simply a social issue, religious liberty is a Gospel issue,” Moore said.

By Kelly Boggs, Message Editor

Many pundits believed General Norman Schwarzkopf would parlay his success as the Commander of Coalition Forces in the Persian Gulf War into a political career.

However, when the general was asked about his political aspirations following the war that ended in 1991, he responded by saying, “I do not want to be a pawn in a political campaign.”

NASHVILLE (BP) – During October’s Cooperative Program Emphasis Month on the Southern Baptist Convention’s calendar, churches are encouraged to use the “1% Challenge” video as an educational and motivational tool.

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

LAFAYETTE – Messengers to next week’s Louisiana Baptist Convention Annual Meeting will receive a challenge –­­ engage the next generation and every people group.

Louisiana Baptist Convention President Steve Horn’s prayer is that messengers will come away from the meeting, having accepted the challenge issued by the President’s 2020 Commission and ready to reach both groups with the gospel.

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

WOODWORTH – Kenny Moore believes revival can come to America but that it must start within the heart of each person.

“True revival is when the word of God transforms our hearts,” said Moore, pastor of Carmel Baptist Church in Pineville. “Instead of trying to justify when we do ungodly things, revival needs prayer. And prayer that leads to revival needs humility, and a strong desire to say ‘God is all that I am, is all that I know, I am totally dependent on you.”

By Mark H. Hunter, Regional Reporter

BATON ROUGE – The executive director of the Southern Baptist Convention  exhorted the Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge to learn from the church of Ephesus and win more souls for Christ.

“I have to believe we are in the last days,” Rev. Dr. Frank Page said after reading Rev. 2:1-7, describing Christ’s declaration to the Church of Ephesus, to “repent” and “return to your first love” or else their lamp-stand will be removed.

By Bob Phillips, Director of Communications at Missouri Baptist Convention

The Lisbon earthquake of 1755 changed everything. In minutes, this thriving, affluent city was brought to its knees.


Roughly 50,000 people died. The sky turned black. Fires raged. Then tidal waves washed over the port, drowning hundreds more.

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

Pisgah Baptist Church’s involvement with Operation Christmas Child began ever so small in 1993, with just a few ladies in the church participating individually.

However, as the years passed, a growing number of church members became involved and wanted to do more.

By Staff, World News Magazine

A global network of extremists is working to undercut the rights of LGBT people around the world, according to a Sept. 15 report published by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

According to its website HRC is “the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.”

The culprits opposing LGBT people, according to HRC, are twelve leaders of pro-family organizations, including legal group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH). 

By Kelly Boggs, Message Editor

You can count your burdens or you can count your blessings. It is your choice. But take care; your decision will have consequences.

If you focus only on what is wrong in your life, you will likely feel discouraged and defeated. Your attitude will probably be characterized by extreme negativity.

By Frank Page, President of the SBC's Executive Committee

The longer we live, the more we realize that actions or decisions have consequences – sometimes unintended consequences that absolutely cannot be foretold or foreseen. But more often they are foreseeable.

Scripture instructs the wise person to “count the cost.” This exhortation aptly applies to conversations concerning the continuing value of the Cooperative Program within the Southern Baptist Convention.

By Hal Ostrander, Professor of Wayland Baptist San Antonio Campus

Meet Derek and Cynda, wealthy Chicago couple, pillars of Windy City society – he, a successful senior VP of a thriving corporation; she, a dutiful wife; proud parents of one grown son, Jared, privileged and bred for business savvy.

Both genuinely saved at an early age, Derek and Cynda met at a Christian college and married soon after graduate school. But the years passed and their lives together somehow came to reflect an “I’ll do it if it benefits me” approach to life – and their faith.


By David Crosby, Pastor of First Baptist Church New Orleans

Thousands of Kurdish children have joined the millions of children worldwide who are crossing national borders seeking refuge in difficult times. Having neither the desire nor capacity to inflict harm on others, the children join their mothers and others in flight from harm.

By Kelly Boggs, Message Editor

The city of Houston’s decision to subpoena pastors’ sermons and other communications concerning a controversial “equal rights” ordinance reflects a misunderstanding of the First Amendment as well as ignorance about rules for non-profit organizations in relation to political activity.

Additionally, it shows a complete misunderstanding of the church’s role in society.

By Obbie Todd, Student Pastor at Zoar Baptist Church, Baton Rouge

“There was a breach in protocol.” That’s what Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC, told the American public as he attempted to explain how the Ebola virus has now spread to 2 more victims in Dallas, Texas.

In the face of rising national panic, the announcement has elevated fears about current hospital protocols and their efficiency in preventing the spread of the virulent disease.

By Michael Foust, Editor, writer who writes about parenting, fatherhood at

Sometimes I wonder if we Christians have missed the mark when it comes to discussing dinosaurs. I think about this often because I have a 6 year old who, honestly, wishes he were a triceratops.

Too often we seem to get lost in arguments over the when and how – for instance, “did they live thousands or millions of years ago?” – and we fail to ask a more basic question: Why did God create dinosaurs?

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

ALEXANDRIA – As news of additional cases of the Ebola virus continue to surface, Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief officials continue to monitor the situation and are urging believers to rise up and live appropriately to show Christ’s love.

By Staff, LB Communications

LAFAYETTE – “Live Sent” is the theme for this years Youth Evangelism Celebration (YEC), Nov. 23-24 at the Cajundome in Lafayette. 

Headlining this year’s celebration are the musical group For King and Country, worship lead by Finding Favour, illusionist Jared Hall and communicator Wes Hamilton.

“The key to ‘Living Sent’ is knowing that, thanks to the gospel, you have nothing to lose. It sets us free from the world's value system,” according to Hamilton, pastor of Hulen Street Church in Fort Worth.

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

ALEXANDRIA – Louisiana Baptists have taken up residency in the social media and online world and don’t plan on moving anytime soon.

Over the past two years, the communication team has created a new logo, launched a new website, produced a new-look e-newsletter and established a new social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and recently Pinterest.

By Mark H. Hunter, Regional Reporter

BATON ROUGE - Contrary to the conventional wisdom that the Southern Baptist Convention is primarily a “Southern white” organization, almost 10,000 of the SBC’s 46,124 churches are “ethnic” congregations.

“We are – by far – the most ethnically diverse convention on the face of the Earth,” Rev. Dr. Frank Page declared to the 125th annual session of the Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge held Oct. 14, at Woodlawn Baptist. Page is the president and CEO of the SBC, a title he described as “chief encouraging officer.”

By Brian Blackwell, Message Staff Writer

As the year comes to a close, Louisiana Baptist missions efforts are reflecting on a fruitful harvest that has seen significant progress in churches planted along with baptisms and salvation decisions in those new church plants.

Through Oct. 29, Louisiana Baptist church planters have started 24 churches this year, eight more than last year’s total of 16. Those church plants this year have resulted in 1,302 decisions to accept Christ and 313 baptisms.


Kenneth (wife Stephanie) Whitfield new as Family Pastor at First Baptist Church, St. Francisville.

Billy (wife Stephanie) Stevens new as pastor at Willow Point Baptist Church, Shreveport.

Wilton McMorris new as assistant Pastor/Youth Pastor at Milldale Baptist Church, Zachary.